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Why you need to start applying for jobs before next Monday

If that’s you, you’re one of the millions of Brits thinking about a career change.

Something about the festive period makes workers reconsider what they want to do, with research showing that one in five will look for a new job in January.

And if you’re thinking about firing off CVs, you might want to get in there before ‘Massive Monday’ – January 8.

Mark Rhodes, a recruitment expert at, told ‘Next week we’ll see ‘Massive Monday’, the first working Monday of the year, when record numbers of jobseekers apply for new positions.

‘Around a million job applications will be made on during the course of next week alone.’

With such competition in the job market, it’s natural to wonder if there are enough roles going for the millions of workers searching for them.

But don’t fret, because companies are looking just as hard for new talent as you are for them.

Dale Williams, managing director at Yolk Recruitment, said there are a number of reasons why companies and businesses start scouting for new workers in January.

He said: ‘Businesses and candidates both view the New Year as an opportunity for a fresh start and we typically see a surge in motivation during the first few weeks of the year as individuals try to achieve the New Year’s resolutions they have set out.

‘Many businesses operate from January to January with employers often setting out their business objectives and hiring budgets in the New Year, which often leads to a recruitment drive.

‘With the New Year seeing individuals leaving one job for another, this creates a ripple effect where businesses need to fill the vacancies of staff that have left for new opportunities.’

And Adam Nicoll, marketing director of Randstad UK, said the quieter Christmas period is good news for jobseekers.